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Arrangements and Compositions for Choral Music

Creating arrangements and compositions for choral music within community worship is one of my passions. Expressing my faith through my art is something significant to me. I feel fulfilled in every aspect. Some examples:

Worship Band Leader

I have led several groups throughout my Christian musical journey. Still, Band III of the First Baptist Church of Rio de Janeiro was the group in which I produced the most records, considering that I was in a more mature phase of my career and the fact that the church had infrastructure that the other churches I had been to did not have. I led the Band III from April 2016 until March 2023. During this phase, I created 72 arrangements and transcriptions. Here are some of the recordings:

Piano Accompanist

I began studying the piano at the age of 6. Music, and specifically the piano, has always been very present in my family. Even before playing my first notes, I would hear my sister and my mother practicing classical repertoire, following the curriculum of the Brazilian Conservatory of Music, and preparing for Sunday services as well. My mother established a music school in our home where we would receive our church's music minister, Joadir Spilare, to teach music. At that time, we attended the First Baptist Church in Nova Piam. I still remember my first piano lesson with him and the first day I played at church.

Production of the First Baptist Church of Rio de Janeiro's Services During the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the First Baptist Church of Rio de Janeiro responded quickly by transitioning its worship service to pre-recorded liturgies, which involved active participation from the entire congregation. Members were encouraged to submit videos of themselves praying, reading a Bible passage, introducing their families, and sharing words of encouragement. I had the great pleasure of leading this effort through my production company, Pluggin, along with the then Minister of Music, Eduardo Transcovesky, and Pastor João Soares da Fonseca.

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