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musician. composer. researcher. educator

Thanks so much for visiting my home on the web. Take your time to navigate through each content tab and learn more about my artistic and academic endeavors.

For further details, you can find my bio below.

Filipe de Matos Rocha is a Brazilian composer, educator, researcher, and music producer. He is a partner at the music production company Pluggin Produções Musicais Ltda. He has a strong interest in African-American Music, Music Theory, and the connections between Music and Mathematics. His compositions address issues related to Brazilian black culture, religious identity, and otherness.

Filipe is a CAPES scholar and is pursuing his doctorate in music from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - UFRJ. He is currently serving as an exchange visitor at Louisiana State University - LSU (Baton Rouge, LA - USA). Filipe earned both his Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Music Composition from UFRJ. Additionally, he holds another undergraduate degree in Music Education from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro - UNIRIO.

His music has been performed both in Brazil and internationally by soloists, ensembles, and orchestras such as the Symphony Orchestra of UFRJ's School of Music. Filipe is actively involved in promoting contemporary music both as a composer and as a researcher. He has contributed to international conferences, where he has presented his academic work, such as the 45th International Council for Traditions of Music - ICTM (Bangkok, Thailand) in 2019, and the Interdisciplinary Approaches to Musical Time by Música Analítica at the University of Coimbra in 2023 (Portugal).

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